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Business professional seeking employment with a corporate entity in Downtown Dallas with an international profile? Applying with a small business in University Park? Either way, we can help. The Resume Clinic provides targeted resume, cover letter and LinkedIn development packages that elevate you to the top of Dallas employer interview lists.

Unlike other online resume writer services, personalization and customer service remained a vital part of our resume writer process. We offer consultations and conversation with your resume writing partner to ensure we capture nuance regarding to your details. Additionally, we seek to go beyond the nuts and bolts of your duties. We seek to find the essence of value you have brought to previous employers, as well as value to the positions that you seek. Any resume that is going to get you consistent interview results should be strategically constructed to engage your reader

The Greater Dallas area is home to major operations for several high profile companies.


AMR Corporation

American Airlines / American Eagle

Southwest Airlines

Comerica Bank Tower

Exxon Mobil

J.C. Penney

Texas Instruments


Tenet Healthcare

As an online resume writer serving Dallas job seekers, we understand that your time is valuable. That is why we offer flexibility in the way we communicate. With The Resume Clinic, you do not have to schedule mid-day office visits. Why put your current job at risk or break up your entire day to drive across town, wasting time and gas? Our process is designed for your convenience, while maintaining the personal touch.

Dallas employment is once again vibrant, experiencing its lowest unemployment rate since April 2009. But it is up to you to take full advantage of it. Partner with The Resume Clinic to ensure that your search documents are as strong as they can be to give you your best shot.

We only hire certified resume writers. This ensures consistency in all areas of development, from keyword research to layout strategy and phraseology. We are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau’s Online Reliability Program. This means resume writer trust and dependability.

If the state of Texas where a stand-alone country, it would have the 12th largest economy on earth? Isn’t it about time you enjoy your share of it? Send in your resume today for a free assessment. There is no commitment necessary, but it gives you an excellent idea of what the pros would do for you. Ready to participate in the Dallas job economy? Then click here to start the process.

Remember, not just any Dallas resume writer will do. Time to get a certified resume writer help to put you and your career back on the map.