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Targeted Resume Writing that Helps Windy City Clients Advance their Careers

The city of Chicago has long been one of the primary economic hubs in the United States. Our client base has enjoyed effective resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile development services that has consistently placed them at the top of the human resources interview stack. Our certified professional resume writers use keyword targeting and various on-page marketing strategies to grab your reader’s attention and compel them to review your entire document.


With 33 Fortune 500 corporations located in the state of Illinois, opportunities are always available for those prepared to take advantage of them. Some of these include familiar brands such as:

Walmart, Inc.

When paired with a multi-pronged search strategy, a properly targeted resume and cover letter package can be a powerful tool that throws open interview doors with consistency. This improves your chances of finding employment faster. As you know, a longer job search translates into lost wages and increased financial hardship. What many also forget is that the longer one is unemployed, the more suspicious hiring authorities and recruiters can get regarding your overall employability.

At The Resume Clinic, our #1 goal is provide you with resume and cover letter packages that help not only to secure jobs, but careers! We team with you using a personalized and consultative approach. The idea is to build documents that not only hold the attention of HR manager reading 100+ resumes, but also to satisfy technical requirements of databases and applicant tracking systems. After all, a great resume does you no good if no one can find it, right?


How do we move you to the front of the interview line?

  • We thoroughly research your industry and target position’s keywords to so that database searches find you with consistency
  • Our process pays close attention to the visual formatting (spacing, font choice/size, paragraph length, etc.) to account for the weary eyes of HR managers and recruiters
  • We focus on overall ease of navigation so that hiring authorities can get to the information they need quickly and painlessly.
  • You are in constant phone and email communication with your writer to keep you engaged and communicate the nuance that resume and cover letter projects need.
  • We offer fully developed and targeted LinkedIn profiles, as LinkedIn is fast becoming the favorite tool of recruiters.


Don’t let the $99 scam sites fool you.

What a certified professional resume writer (CPRW) offers is knowledge of the latest guidelines to navigate the digital, as well as the human world. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) have tossed many “attractive” resumes for not conforming to guidelines. A resume is not just a resume. Remember that you are seeking interviews, not just a piece of paper.


Don’t forget that The Resume Clinic also offers comprehensive free resume assessments with no commitment necessary. Find out how the pros see your document and what we recommend to improve its performance. Also, feel free to review our samples to gauge the quality of work that we do.


Bring a certified professional onto your team today and GET YOUR CAREER MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!