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When you are trying to compete in the country’s ninth largest metropolitan area, you want to ensure your resume and cover letter package is as strong as it can be. After all, with a population of 5.5 million people, it isn’t hard to imagine the level of competition you will be facing. And that doesn’t even account for your out-of-town competition.

At The Resume Clinic, our goal is to launch you ahead of the competition with resume, cover letter and LinkedIn products that communicate that you’re serious about your career. Did you know that more than 75% of Fortune 1000 companies have operations within the Atlanta metropolitan area? Yes, the opportunities are there if you know where to look. But if your competition has a strong certified resume writer and you don’t, you can find the phone calls occur few and far in between.

But that isn’t you, is it?

You are after quality interviews that result in premium career advancement, and that has led you to us. More than 1,250 multinational entities exist in the Atlanta area and your time is NOW. Some of the more recognizable brands include:

The Coca-Cola Company
The Home Depot
Delta Air Lines
AT&T Mobility

The professionals at these entities now what bad resumes look like (and they have seen many). You don’t want to be one of them. With a strategically precise resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile from our online certified resume writer team, you will immediately give yourself the advantage over those who did not bother. It will take more than just a list of duties to impress these Atlanta entities. It is all about establishing you brand, and we can help you with that.

The Branding of “You”

Most people (and more professionals than you think) approach resume writing from the standpoint of “what you have done”. At The Resume Clinic, our certified resume writing team is trained to communicate where you can add value to the employer. Through consultation and research, we build for you customized documents that properly target your goals and position you in the reader’s mind as an accomplished and employer focused professional.

  • Detailed keyword research to ensure that databases and applicant tracking systems have no trouble determining your qualifications for the target. We should always plan for documents to end up in a database, even if walked in to an employer.
  • We employ content layout strategies to showcase your most relevant high-value content. Just as important is the resume’s visual quality. Your resume writer will ensure that the reader can navigate without unwanted distractions.
  • We look to include proper white space to allow your reader’s eyes to rest.
  • Our Total Package program provides you with flexibility with the inclusion of the ASCII-Text version for effortless posting to websites using data field entry.
  • Keyword-rich LinkedIn Profile Optimization for those recruiters looking for their next star. Also, remember that LinkedIn has perhaps the most comprehensive job board in existence.

Beware of the $99 scams

Atlanta is ripe with opportunity and everyone is constantly positioning for the next move. But beware of the $99 scams that provide you with zero customization and no focus on brand message, organizational structure or keyword research. The key to interview consistency is access to a strong and proven certified resume writer. And you have found such a team in The Resume Clinic.

Interested but want to see how we rate your resume first? Access our free resume assessment service to get next-business day feedback on how we plan to proceed. There is no commitment required.

Be the next Atlanta professional to shoot up the ladder. Join the Resume Clinic family and give your career a boost. Working with our certified resume writer team will be sure to JUMP-START YOUR CAREER.

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