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A certified professional resume writer is always going to be your best bet for resume writing help in generating consistent interviews. Here at The Resume Clinic, you always work with a certified professional in developing a resume strategy that will engage your reader by highlighting your relevant strengths. However, we do understand that not everyone can afford a certified professional at the moment that a resume is needed. In this section of Career Management U., we provide the resume help you need until you can afford to bring in the pros.

Resume Writing Help Topics

Create a Text Version of your Resume

When you are serious about your job search, you seek to be ready for any and every contingency. The last thing you want to do is be caught off guard. Part of that strategy involves versatility in your resume’s format. Read here to learn why a text resume is a must for your resume arsenal, as well as advice on developing one.

How To Write A Reader Friendly Resume

Even if your career history is compelling, if your document isn’t organized to make life easier for HR personnel and recruiters , much of what you have to communicate will go unnoticed, costing you opportunities. In this section, we offer helpful tips on making your document navigation-friendly and easy for hiring managers to find your value.

Resume Keywords Research for Best Results

If a resume falls into a database and no one sees it, does it make a sound? A key component of a consistently effective resume is its ability to be found in resume databases during keyword searches. This article provides help and assistance in research and integrating keywords organically into your resume so that recruiters and hiring managers find you.

5 Critical Resume Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Politifact revealed in early 2014 that there were 3 unemployed people for every 1 job opening in the U.S. With heavy competition to be noticed and get into the interview door, you cannot afford mistakes. In this section, we help you to scout out some of resume writing faux pas that can get your resume tossed into the trash before you’ve even had a chance to compete.

Federal Resume Writing: Believe It of Not, Bulk Helps!

Many make the mistake of assuming the federal resume is the same as its private sector counterpart. Most often to their peril. The federal process beast wants to be fed, and your resume is the meal. Be generous with your job descriptions and the beast will thank you.

Resume Writing Help: Handling Short-Term Jobs

Multiple employment stints can be problematic when piecing together a coherent resume strategy. Here are a few insights to help unravel the puzzle.

3 Critical Concepts for an Effective Construction Project Manager Resume

Don’t let your fellow construction professionals get out in front of you. Read here for insight on import ground to cover when preparing your own construction project manager resume. Competition is stiff in this area. So get it right!

How to Find and Use Keywords in your Resume

You’ve taken great care to include the right content, but what about your keyword mix for applicant tracking systems and databases? In this article, we provide a little guidance on identifying and integrating the right keywords to score well in the digital world.

Resume Writing Strategy: The Importance of Font Choice

When preparing job search documents, everyone worries about content. But what the pros know is that the underappreciated aspects of resume writing strategy plays a big role in whether you get the interview or not. In this section, we help you to understand why fonts matter.

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Help! One-Page Resume or Two?

Ask 20 different people about the ideal resume length and you will get 20 different answers. Is one page too short? Is two pages too many? In this section we attempt to debunk some of the myths for you regarding page length rules.


Help! Do I Need a Resume or a CV?

Does the position you are pursuing requiring you to prepare a resume or a CV (Curriculum Vitae)? Did they bother to indicate which one was needed? Do you know the difference between the two? Learn what makes a resume and a CV different, as well as when you should submit each.


Help! Federal Resume vs. Private Sector Resume

Many job seekers do not know it, but federal resumes differ in many ways from their private sector counterparts. If you want to ensure that you are uploading the best possible resume up to the website, you will want to ready this article.


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