Federal Physical TherapistResume Writer
Federal Physical TherapistResume Writer

The preparation of a physical therapist resume for your job search should take into account several factors. Among them is whether your employment goal or experience lies in acute-care hospitals, skilled-nursing facilities or orthopedic settings. Perhaps your resume should point out experiences in rural areas or densely populated urban environments. But there is no doubt that as a physical therapist job seeker, you have some excellent prospects in today’s environment.

What We Can Do For Federal Physical Therapist Applicants?

In our modern society, patients suffering from incidences diabetes, obesity and other chronic illnesses is steadily increasing. As such, physical therapists (sometimes called PTs) are on the front line of helping patients such as these to maintain and increase their mobility, as well as manage the symptoms and effects of such conditions. Our certified professional resume writers can definitely assist you with the preparation of a powerful and targeted federal physical therapist resume that is keyword-rich and properly addresses the Knowledge, Skills and Experience (KSA) requirements of the position. How about this federal resume sample that we prepared for one of our valued clients:

Physical Therapist Industry Outlook

The outlook for licensed PTs is an excellent one. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the median salary for these professionals was $79,860 per year in 2012, with an expected 36% increase in industry growth between 2012 and 2022 (faster than the average of other occupations and industries) due to the aging baby boomer population. With the development of technology within in the medical field, outpatient surgeries are on the rise, meaning an increase in the demand for rehabilitation services. Of course, the physical therapist is on the front line of helping individuals to recover from surgeries and other procedures.

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