For everything there is a season. Conversely, there are times when things are out of season. When it comes to landing employment, that “low season” is essentially from mid-November until after New Years.

During this stretch of the year, businesses are usually operating at half-strength, both physically and mentally. It is usually around this time that employees request extended vacations and time off. And the staff that remains is more worried about Christmas parties and shopping than they are work. As such, hiring usually grinds to a halt around this time.

Now, what does that mean or you? Well, this is prime time to get your resume and cover letter in before the big push back to productivity starts after January 1st. When all employees return to work after the start of the new year, it’s “catch up time”. By making a solid push in distributing your resume over the holidays, your resume should be right there in the first week of January for hiring managers to review. Also, you have a leg up on your competition that decided to take it easy during the holidays to pick up on the search after January 1st.

So after your thanksgiving turkey and football, get right back to work. Send out those resumes with reckless abandon to position yourself at the head of the line. Don’t let Christmas activities interfere with the search either. Block aside some time everyday to tend to the job search. Who knows, maybe the best Christmas present of all is waiting for you in January: a good paying job!

William Mitchell, CPRW

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