resume serviceAs a job seeker, there are many reasons why you may not have identified a job target. Perhaps you have grown weary of your current career and need a change. Maybe you were suddenly downsized and don’t feel you have the flexibility to be selective. Whatever the reason, consider spending some time thinking about the type of employment you will be seeking before having your resume written.

Your resume should not simply be a listing of jobs and education (in the industry, we call these “resume obituaries”). With an identified target, your resume writer can focus the reader on the skills most relevant to the goal you are trying to achieve. If you are seeking a position as a law clerk, you wouldn’t want your experience as a retail sales clerk dominating the resume’s landscape.

Your resume writer may be a talented one, but even a resume written by the best in the business is a shot in the dark without a clear and identifiable target. There are many factors that can affect your resume’s effectiveness, but this is one that can be prevented on the front end.

Make certain you don’t blow your resume budget on a crapshoot. Take time to reflect on your future so that the resume service that you select can do a good job of getting you there.


William Mitchell, Certified Professional Resume Writer
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