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San Francisco businesses are as diverse and innovative as its population. From biotech to information technology, The Golden Gate City offers much by the way of resources and opportunity for those that properly position themselves to take advantage of it. And when San Francisco business professionals look to get the edge on the competition, they usually call on The Resume Clinic to give it to them.

Our certified resume writer team has provided powerfully effective resume and cover letter composition services to the SF workforce and the rest of the world since 1995. Our goal is always to position our clientele for consideration as the top candidate. We achieve this through consultation, content and target analysis, focused keyword development and resume layout optimization . This ensures successful communication of relevant skills to get our clients’ resumes into the interview stack.

San Francisco is home to some of the most innovative companies in the country, including:

Wells Fargo
Del Monte Foods
Charles Schwab
PC World
Banana Republic
Old Navy

With high-profile such as these, you can imagine the number of resumes they receive per day. As such, impressing their hiring managers will take more than just “some duties on a page”. You need a strategic marketing document that cuts through the noise to communicate value, and fast. Good resume writing can do this for you. At The Resume Clinic, strategically communicating our clients’ value is our focus.

How Does Resume Writing Establish Your Brand?

When it comes to a consistently effective resume and cover letter package, the focus should not be on “what you have done”. it should be on “what you offer”. Our certified resume writer team brings experience in breaking down your experience, training and knowledge into its core parts. this allows us to construct a communication strategy that engages your reader:

  • Our resume writers perform keyword research for every project. This means databases like what they see and applicant tracking system searches move you to the top.
  • We optimize your content layout in order to showcase your most valuable qualifications, while minimizing the impact of anything that can hurt your application.
  • We pay attention to detail by including the proper amount of white space and content spacing. The goal is to provide relief for a reader’s weary eyes. (Hiring managers sometimes have to peruse 100s of resume in a day)
  • Our layout strategies focus on ease of navigation to ensure the correct information is absorbed by the reader with minimal effort .
  • Our “Total Package” option provides you with ASCII-text version of the resume for easy and efficient posting to corporate websites.
  • The LinkedIn Profile Optimization service rounds out your brand by integrating keyword-rich content written professionally, yet with a social media voice. (Did you know that 92% of recruiters vet their candidates on LinkedIn prior to an interview?)
  • We are big believers in open communication to ensure a product in which you are confident. Your resume writer is available by phone and email throughout the project to keep you engaged and capture nuance.

San Francisco can be a bastion of opportunity for those who put themselves in the right place, and a strategically sound resume, cover letter and LinkedIn package goes a long way in placing you at the front of the line. But beware of the $99 scams that take advantage of most people’s lack of knowledge of what makes a top-flight resume. These services rarely are concerned with concepts such as optimal sentence length, brand messaging, keyword strength and strategic organization. Not just any San Francisco resume writer will do the trick.

When it comes to your earning potential, you want a certified resume writer in your corner to position you for success.

We also offer a detailed resume assessment with no commitment required. This can provide you with insight into high-level issues that we plan to address to improve your resume’s interview winning results.

Your time is now, and The Resume Clinic can help you realize your employment potential. Not just any resume writer will do for San Francisco professionals. Go with proven certified resume writing talent and make your mark today!