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When it comes to cities with career mobility, it is hard to beat great city of Philadelphia. After all, the city boasts a GDP of $387 billion, ranking it 9th in the world among cities. With 7 of the Fortune 1000 calling Philadelphia home, Philadelphia stands as a major hub of commerce. Isn’t it time for you to gain your share of it?

At The Resume Clinic, we ensure consistency in resume writing quality by hiring only certified resume writers to assist you in the development of your resume and cover letter. Using an online business model, we pass along the savings to our clients that otherwise would be eaten up by rent, insurance and office staff and upkeep. But we took great care to keep the personable customer service aspect that makes the resume writing project work.

How Does Your Resume Writer Help You Shine?

Let’s face it. You can be competing against dozens (or hundreds) of other applicants. As such, getting you notices takes much more than some job descriptions with no thought to strategy to engage your reader. A talented certified resume writer builds your document to engage hiring managers and recruiters quickly:

  • Strong and targeted profile development to capture reader interest to facilitate deeper examination.
  • Customized layout strategy to ensure your strongest content has prominence within the resume.
  • keyword research and inclusion for database and applicant tracking system software effectiveness.

The right tools can go a long way to advancing your career in the Philadelphia area. But be sure that you avoid the $99 scam sites that offer nothing by way of strategic development or keyword research. You will want a resume writer with experience in crafting your brand message in a way that directly engages your specific reader. Not just any Philadelphia resume writer will do if you want consistency in resume performance.

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Take the next step in launching your career. Hiring a certified professional resume writer can end up being the best career move that you can make in the long run.


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