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The state of Ohio and the city of Cleveland was hit hard by the economic crisis of 2008. But as of late, things appear to be turning around. Ohio’s economy grew by 1.8% in 2014 and the unemployment rate has dropped to 5.3%, mostly thanks to robust non-manufacturing industries such as healthcare. What you have to ask yourself is, are you in a position to take advantage of this? The Resume Clinic can help put you in the right position.

Since 1995, we have provided powerfully targeted resume and cover letter packages to our clients in the Cleveland area, as well as around the world. With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau online reliability program, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality. We have perfected the use of the online business model, which makes it easier for our Cleveland area business professionals to receive a quality resume without emptying the gas tank or breaking the bank.

Some of the world’s largest business enterprises operate in the Cleveland area. A few of them include:

Walmart Stores

Kroger Co.

Progressive Insurance

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

FirstEnergy Corp.

Sherwin-Williams Co.

If you want to impress the hiring authorities of these major corporations (or any seasoned hiring manager), then not just any Cleveland resume writer will do. You are not just looking for a document that plainly lists your background. Effective resumes are in fact carefully constructed marketing documents that communicate quickly to your reader the important aspects of your candidacy that say you are worthy of an interview and further consideration.

What we provide our Cleveland resume writing clients with includes:

  • Precision targeting of the resume to ensure proper keyword mix and phrasing to impress both the human and digital reviewer. Proper keyword inclusion is key to any resume’s performance consistency in the new millennium.
  • Customized layout strategy for your specific job search needs. We do not believe in the “one size fits all” resume writing approach. Every resume project for our Cleveland business professionals is treated individually for the development of proper strategy to achieve the employment objective.
  • Optimized document designed to ensure easy navigation by the reader. When your resume has only have 10 seconds to impress within what can be a stack of hundreds of resumes, you do not want your reader working too hard to find the critical information.
  • With our Total Package options, you received your resume in multiple formats.

You can be part of the Cleveland economic recovery if you have the right tools to help you find the right job. But in selecting a good resume writer, be sure to avoid the $99 resume scams. These companys often do not employ writers trained to build a document that works specifically to achieve your goals (brand message, proper layout structure, keyword strength, etc.).

Remember, you are not looking for a middle-of-the-road product. If there are 100 applicant and your resume is the 50th best, you don’t get called in, meaning you were better off with nothing. At the Resume Clinic, we only hire certified professional resume writers to work with our valued Cleveland clients.

Take some time to review our resume writer samples. We love for our clients to see what they’re getting in advance in terms of quality and strategy development. We also offer free resume assessments with no commitment necessary. It is a great way to see how a professional views your current resume product.

So remember, you don’t want just any Cleveland resume writer. When it comes to your career, you have to go top tier. Call today to speak to a certified resume writer to see how we can move your career search to the next level.



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