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Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. Certified Resume Writer

Resume Writing the Way Resume Writing Should Be!

resume writerUsing an innovative internet based business model, we have been serving the Washington, D.C. area with highly effective resume and cover letter packages since 1995.

We integrate into our resume writing strategy the same visual / copy layout techniques used by print marketing advertisers to get across to employers in less than 15 seconds your most relevant skills, experiences, and training. The result? Interview after interview for a better chance of landing the job of your dreams. In a city like Washington, D.C., competition for quality career moves can be tough to say the least. Because of this, every strategy you employ has to be better than the next guy in order to achieve the final objective. What you really have to ask yourself is:

“Is my competition gaining the edge by using a CERTIFIED RESUME WRITER?”


Lower operating expenses mean competitive fees for the client – When a company operates from an office or storefront, there are inherent costs that cannot be avoided that drive up the cost of their product. After all, who do you think is going to eventually pay for their rent, utilities, telecommunications, salaries, and insurance? Yes … YOU WILL!

Our company utilizes a streamlined, internet based model that keeps costs down, allowing our Washington, D.C. clients to maximize the use of their financial resources for other strategies such as resume blasting or web resumes. In fact, our certified resume writing fees are among the lowest in the country.

Scheduling Bliss – Why would you throw your day into chaos by scheduling a drive across town to handle something that can be done over the phone or e-mail? This is the 21st century. We have cell phones, e-mail, and fax machines that allow us to conduct business on the move. You and your resume writer transmit documents between you for convenient analysis and consultation. Can you think of a reason to put a crimp in your schedule and waste money on gas and parking to meet someone with only 9 to 5 hours? We cant.

National Talent Writing Your Resume – The Resume Clinic only hires CERTIFIED resume writers to work on your projects. With our internet based model, we employ resume writers from coast to coast with various industry and professional specialties, giving your documents that edge needed to be the last candidate standing. Why limit yourself to a small pool of office talent when the World Wide Web is open for business all day?

We offer more availability options – After placing your order, you are sent an e-mail which contains the direct phone number to your certified resume writer for use in consulting on your resume specifics at a time that works best for you. Being internet based, we are not tied to 9 to 5 operations hours. What are the chances your office based Washington, D.C. resume writer will offer this service?


Decide which resume category best fits your project needs, then process your order for the package of your choice at one of the links below. This will place your project into the production queue!


Would you like to speak with a resume writer before ordering? CALL US TODAY! … a certified resume writer are available to answer your questions at our toll-free number:

Washington, D.C. Area Resources

Staffing / Recruiting

Evan Scott Group International

Colleges and Universities

Georgetown University Howard University
George Washington University Potomac College
University of the District of Columbia Villanova University

Public Resources

City of Washington DC Washington DC Public Library
Washington DC Chamber of Commerce Washington DC Metro Transit Authority


Washington Post Washington Times
Washington City Paper Washington Business Journal

Air Travel

Dulles International Airport Delta Airlines
United Airlines American Airlines
Southwest Airlines US Airways
Orbitz Travelocity

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