resume writerDuring an economic recession, you can’t be too careful when it comes to conducting a job search. You want to account for every possibility due to the fact there are fewer positions and more applicants. If part of your new employment plan involves a move to a new city for a fresh start, you may want to consider establishing a local address first before sending your resume out.

When combing through their stack of candidates’ resumes, they will tend to give more weight to the local applicants. This way, they wouldn’t have to worry about relocating you. Even if you are offering to relocate yourself, there’s more here to go wrong than with the local talent. If you already have an address in the new city, use it on your resume and cover letter. If not, consider setting up a P.O. box in the city you are moving to. How about a family member or friend? If you have someone you know in the area, get approval from them to use their address for your area applications.

Most resume writers should be agreeable to making two versions of your documents with both your current and new addresses (at least we are). It’s best to cover all of the bases.

William Mitchell, CPRW
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