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As an established professional in Human Resources Strategic Management, your resume needs to go beyond that of your regular human resources counterpart. You are looking to communicate the practices and concepts data line HR philosophy tactical planning and practice with the organization’s long-term goals involving the utilization of human capital. After all, you are responsible for providing direction on building a foundation for giving the company strategic advantage. It is you who creates effective organizational design and structure. If you are going to consistently get interviews in this area, you want to be certain that your resume communicates your skill set and knowledge in these areas.

The Resume Clinic has been partnering with human resources professionals to provide quality professional resume writing services since 1995. Our approach to every human resources resume project involves focusing on your unique advantages versus the competition. As a human resources professional, much of your job descriptions can look the same if you are not careful. The key to a powerful resume is in finding what makes you uniquely different and better than the rest. We then want to focus the reader on those qualities. We use document layout strategies proven to work for print media, combined with compact and powerful writing and phrasing strategy. Below is an example one of our human resources resume examples written for one of our valued clients:

The Resume Clinic Approach

The development of a powerful and strategically targeted resume is not a one-sided process. We partner with our clients to combine expertises to achieve the perfect human resources resume documents. We only employ certified resume writers to ensure consistency in strategic development, layout and phrasing. We also perform the necessary research on your industry and target position. The goal is to ensure applicant tracking systems (ATS) like what they see. No matter how qualified the applicant, if the document is digitally invisible, your chances are limited.

Once your draft has been completed, you team with your certified professional resume writer. All edits and changes to your documents are made until they are perfect. As such, we do not place limits on our clients with regard to the number of drafts. They are work until you are comfortable.

How to Begin

Every single day is a lost opportunity and lost income. Why not get started now with ramping up your job search results? Visit our Products Page to determine the package that is right for you and order today. Of course, we are always available to discuss your resume project needs. Call us at 888-291-9821 and get your career moving.