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resume writerIn business, there always comes a time when ethics squares off for a battle with the desire for the sale. What I mean by that is that the profitable thing is not always the right thing. 

In consulting with potential clients, there are various situations where the client may not be best served by signing up with our resume service at the time. On rare occasions, the client’s resume may be close enough to where only a few pointers will make the resume effective. In another instance, the client may not yet have decided upon an employment direction and as such, cannot provide direction to make the resume effective. And occasionally, a client just isn’t yet comfortable with the idea of paying for a resume online. 

All of the above situations have the same thing in common: the sale isn’t necessarily the best option for the client … at least at that particular time. At The Resume Clinic, we consider the long-term relationship when dealing with our potential clients because doing right by a client and missing out on a sale today can mean many resume referrals (and referral sources) in the future.

We’re all about building relationships with our resume clients. The idea is to build trust with our clients for both their and our long-term benefit. Any resume service enterprise lives and dies on its reputation and we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients feel we have their best interest at heart … because we do.

William Mitchell, CPRW
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