resume writerWhen a resume writer is deciding whether or not to place resume samples on their website, they are trying to assess whether or not they will be losing business because a potential client decides to use the sample as a guide instead. This has never concerned me because someone intending to loot samples was never going to hire our service anyhow. Our samples exist to demonstrate to the Internet community the quality of work that we can produce.

But what many samples looters usually don’t understand is that they don’t always know what strategy went into deciding the format used. A resume that consistently secures interviews takes many aspects of the job seeker’s personal background and employment goal into account before deciding on layout and content. When a sample is merely duplicated, it is like putting on someone else’s shoes and hoping that one size fits all.

It doesn’t sound like that much of a big deal, but when you consider that you usually need to beat out over 90% of the other applicants before your resume gets to the 2nd round of review, you can see that a “one size fits all” resume can have you in the job market for an awful long time. This translates into thousands of dollars in income lost over that time span.

Doesn’t this make $170-$200 a worthwhile investment?


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