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Resume clinic logoHello all. My name is William Mitchell, a Certified Professional Resume Writer and owner of The Resume Clinic. I wanted to take some time to say hello to everyone and get things started. While I have some experience in rookie web design, blogging itself is rather new to me so I’m just feeling my way around here. Blogging is supposed to be a good way to increase your web site’s ranking so of course I had to get in on it! But it can also be a good way to pass on interesting material to you guys on various subject matter. I haven’t decided just yet on this blog’s main purpose or structure … or even if I am going to have any. But as a responsible resume writing professional, you can imagine that resume and career content is sure to be there.

Yes … I’m sure that most of you will not be reading this stuff as there are more interesting ways to spend your web time. That’s cool. But the info will be here if you need it.

I’m going to “start this thing off right” with some resume generalities. Now, of course I would like the entire world to come to the Resume Clinic homepage, order a resume package, and then refer everyone that they know. But no matter how many stars I wish upon, it’s not likely to happen that way. So why not pass along a little knowledge to those who I would have never gotten a sale from anyway? The goodwill has to pass for something, right? What goes around, comes around, etc., etc., etc.?

The one resume writing rule I am going to address today is that THERE ARE NO HARD-FAST RULES! While there are guidelines that a resume writer follows, the goal is the same … “WOW” the reader and impress upon them your ability to excel in the available position … all within 15 seconds. That’s right, all of the information gathering, interviewing, document digging, draft producing, tweaking, editing, and primping is for someone to simply skim your resume for a few seconds and make a decision that can cost you $1,500 or so in lost income because you’re going to be unemployed for another week. As a resume writer, our primary job is to make it easy on tired, bored, disgusted eyes to easily pick up on the qualifications that are most important in performing well in the available position. As a CPRW, we are trained to paint your experiences and education in the best possible light to using a variety of techniques and strategies to maximize this effect. It’s not rocket science … in fact , it is an art form (at least when done right). Every person’s situation is different so every resume should be different.

Enough for an introductory post. It’s a beautiful day here in Nashville and I plan to get out in it. I might test my “blogability” (patent pending on the phrase!) on my PDA later. Signing off!

William Mitchell
Certified Professional Resume Writer

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