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The time and endurance demands on those in the healthcare profession are unlike any other. After a full day of implementing patient plans of treatment, coordinating physicians' orders, and analyzing labs you are left with little time (and energy) to do the things necessary to move your career forward ...


The Resume Clinic has been helping those in the healthcare profession to advance their careers since 1995. Our certified resume writers are trained to convert your valuable job experience, education, certifications, and technical skills into a highly targeted resume designed to capture the attention of medical professionals involved in the hiring process.

Our resume writers know to look for and include key words and phrases that speak to the position’s qualifications and requirements, ensuring that YOUR document won’t be missed by databases if scanned. Examples include:

Case Mix HIPAA
OASIS Post-Acute Care
Universal Precautions
Resident Assessment Protocols (RAPs)
Case Management
Plan of Correction (POC)
Infection Control
Care Plan Evaluation

Yours is one of the most challenging (yet rewarding) careers one can undertake, At The Resume Clinic, we understand this. When you work with a professional resume writer at The Resume Clinic, you get:

  • Powerfully written resume documents produced by a certified resume writer, skilled in the integration of proven print advertising strategies that are guaranteed to get you noticed. We use layout techniques such as:

    • Visual Centering - to ensure your most compelling information is the first thing noticed … even during a brief scan.
    • "Buying Motivator" Content Strategies - to ensure healthcare hiring managers effortlessly see their needs addressed in your resume.
    • Call to Action Verbiage - to induce hiring managers to schedule that interview!
  • Highly personalized service - you are provided with the phone number of your certified resume writer. This keeps you in touch throughout the resume writing process.
  • Your resume in MS Word, PDF and ASCII-text formats with the purchase of the convenient and affordable Resume Clinic Total Package.


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A professionally composed resume written by a certified resume writer is an investment. After all, every week you are unemployed (or underemployed) represents lost revenue. If you are expecting to earn $70,000 annually, then every week of unemployment costs you $1,346!

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Have an old resume you want reviewed first? Take advantage of The Resume Clinic's Resu-ChekTM resume analysis / critique program. It is free and no commitment to document service is necessary.

Sign up today and take the next step towards career advancement. ORDER THE TOTAL PACKAGE TODAY or select another package that fits your needs by following the link below link . Interested in learning more? Call your certified resume writer now at 888-291-9821.

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