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How to Approach Cover Letter Development and Submission

cover letter helpIn this section of The Resume Clinic’s Career Management U., we examine the various aspects of the cover letter and how it can pair with your resume provide you with the much needed edge over your competition. EVERY aspect of your submission should be top-shelf. The sections below will provide some valuable insight into mastering the development and utilization of this often overlooked tool.

Cover Letter Help Topics

When You Do (and Don’t) Need a Cover Letter

The following article provides you with some insight into scenarios that are ideal for cover letter submission, and also those few times when providing one can be a bit over the top and hurt more than it can help.

Customize Your Cover Letter For Success

Do what the competition won’t, to get where the competition won’t. Most job seekers don’t bother with customizing their cover letters because they think that it doesn’t matter. Well, when you want to be the last person standing out of what could be hundreds, EVERYTHING counts. Here we provide some concepts that can help you inch ahead of your competitors a bit for that job.

Tips on Cover Letter Structure

In this section, we cover the specifics of making your cover letter compliant with standardized business document structure, as well provide tips on the little things that make your cover letter a more attractive read for your target hiring managers.

Why You Should Not Overlook the Value of a Good Cover Letter

Many active job seekers do not put the care into their cover letters, feeling that it does not make a difference to the reader. But what they forget is that when you are seeking to be the last candidate standing out of dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of candidates, you can leave nothing to chance. EVERY aspect of your submission should be top-shelf.

When to Customize the Cover Letter or Keep Generic

A good cover letter takes into account its reader and the purpose for its submission. As such, there are times when customization / targeting and generic composition have their purpose. The Resume Clinic’s Career Management U. provides clarification for you by examination of scenarios where each would be the optimal approach.

Cover Letter Etiquette for Email

A common question we receive regarding emailed resumes is whether or not your cover letter content should be included within the body of the cover letter or in a separate attachment. The Resume Clinic’s Career Management U. clears up the confusion by explaining why one strategy trumps the other.



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