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Within one business day, we provide you with a detailed assessment of your resume's areas of vulnerability, providing you with valuable insight as to how we plan to put your resume ahead of the competition.

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Our resume writers have been serving Tucson and the surrounding areas with incomparable resume and cover letter packages through an innovative internet based business model since 1995.

Tucson area residents have experienced extraordinary success with our services, landing interview after interview ... QUICKLY! With the tough competition in the Tucson area for top jobs, you have to ask yourself:

"Has my competition decided to make use of
a CERTIFIED RESUME WRITER to gain an advantage over ME?"


Minimal Overhead, Minimal Fees - Rent for office space, fees for the phone system, payroll for office staff, and other expenses can drive the price of your resume writing work through the roof. Since we use a web based model, we are able to keep our fees lower than the competition and pass along the savings to you.

No Inconvenient Office Visits To Schedule - Is there any reason to throw your entire day into chaos to run behind an office based service when you have access to cell phones, e-mail, and fax machines to conduct business on the move? You and your resume writer transmit documents back and forth via e-mail and you communicate with your resume writer on YOUR terms, not a schedule set by the resume writer. No need to throw your schedule into turmoil for an office visit between 9 and 5 schedule. We believe that your time has more value than that.

Access To National Resume Writing Talent - At The Resume Clinic, we only hire CERTIFIED resume writing talent, so your resume packages are always top quality and produce stellar results. Our writers are located across the United States with experience writing for nearly every profession and industry. Why limit yourself to resume writers in one office when you have the world at your fingertips on the World Wide Web?

Unlimited Writer Communication - Once you process your order, you are provided with a direct phone number to your certified resume writer for collaboration on order details at your convenience. Your Phoenix office-bound resume writer can't (or won't) offer you this benefit.

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Decide which resume category best fits your project needs, then process your order for the package of your choice at one of the links below. This will place your project into the production queue!

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