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We understand that in the middle and at the conclusion of a job search, it is not very high on one’s priority list to check in with your resume writer to let them know how the search and/or new career is going. But trust me, it is a big deal for your resume writer.

If the search is not progressing as smoothly as anticipated, we want to know the details so that we can help you to get the search back on track. Perhaps the resume needs a bit of refocusing, or maybe your search parameters need to be broadened (or refined). As your resume writer, we have a vested interest in your success as you won’t be motivated to tell others about us if you aren’t experiencing success.

If you are flooded with interview requests (as most of our clients are), this is great news that we need to hear. Perhaps there was an unorthodox strategy we implemented for your resume that seemed to work wonders. We’d want to be sure to make note of that for future situations. Also, we’d definitely want you to leave a testimonial regarding your success for future potential clients to read.

Folks, resume writing is really a lonely job. Any contact is welcome and we love to hear from our clients for any reason. Feedback validates good processes and identifies bad ones that require a change. Be sure to stay in contact to let us know how we’re doing.

By the way … did I mention that we’d love for you to send us your friends and colleagues?

William Mitchell, CPRW
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