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  • Attention to detail is usually the difference between gaining employment quickly and floundering in the job market for months. An effective resume is going to be as effective visually as it is from a content standpoint.

    resume serviceA key facet of any resume’s visual presentation is proper balance. Most achieve this by using numerous spaces and tabs I an attempt to create uniformity in areas such as right-margin date alignment header development. There are several problems that this approach presents:

    * Changing font, font size, or document border measurements completely destroys the tedious work it takes to align entire document in this way.

    * If you send your resume as an attachment, the reader can activate the option to view keystrokes and see every stray space and tab entry that you use (this can be more of an issue for someone seeking a position requiring strong word processing).

    * You will not be able to insert more than one bullet point per line (at least I haven’t found a way to do it yet)

    To bypass these issues, make use of tables to align things and create multi-columned lists. All of the issues mentioned above will be resolved and your document will be more balanced, cleaner from a keystroke perspective, and easier to edit in the future.

    William Mitchell, Certified Professional Resume Writer
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  • When it comes to identifying the most questioned facet of resume writing, it would be resume length. When it comes to building an effective and compelling resume, there are few “rules” since the quest to reach the reader quickly takes creativity to account for the client’s unique background and employment/career goal. However, any good resume writer will operate from “guidelines” that provide a foundation from which to work.

    In general, you should attempt to keep your document to no more than two pages. There was a time when one page was the acceptable limit, but an increase in competition for coveted employment opportunities means employers need more detailed information from the outset to make informed decisions on paring down the candidate pool. Additionally, the millennium has brought us new skill sets that we did not need to account for in the past.

    This is not to say that there aren’t still some recruiters and hiring managers who still only want to see a limit of one page, but they are few and far between. The fact is that if you can keep your resume to a page you should do so, but not at the expense of vital skills and experiences that can tip the scales in your favor.

    William Mitchell
    Certified Professional Resume Writer
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  • resume writer ladyThe Resume Clinic offers perhaps one of the best guarantees in the industry. We can do this because we take the time to craft each product based upon our clients’ unique situations and career goals. This ensures optimal interview results by speaking directly to the hiring manager’s needs.

    But what about the rare times when the 30-day mark arrives and there are no interviews? Before requesting a rewrite, you want to make sure all other aspects of your search are up to speed as the last thing you want to do is weaken the resume’s effectiveness with unnecessary changes.

    1. Objectively look at the amount of submissions you are making. Any position worth having will be highly competitive and your chances of landing something of quality improve with the number of submissions. Getting up from the couch once or twice to send out one resume just won’t cut it.

    2. Are you following up submissions with a telephone call? The hiring manager will receive dozens of resumes from interested applicants. A follow up call to verify receipt can be enough to move your resume to the top of the stack. Sometimes, if the timing is right, you can end up with a phone interview on the spot!

    3. Diversify your search. Don’t limit yourself to the newspaper. In fact, the majority of job openings are not even advertised! Use the big job boards as well as the smaller niche boards. Get your resume into the hands of recruiters so that they can work for you. And don’t forget the #1 method for finding employment – NETWORKING.

    The guarantee is there to protect you. Just remember that using the guarantee just because it is there can hurt you if your search has bogged down in other areas.

    William Mitchell
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  • A hot topic rolling around the resume writer message boards recently was whether resume writers used forms to capture data from their clients or conducted phone/in-person interviews. The feedback seemed to indicate that there was a fair amount of support for each position with a great number of resume writing professionals providing both options for their clients. At The Resume Clinic, we provide both options because there are some clients who are simply more comfortable speaking to a writer about their experiences at length. Each method simply works better for certain personality types.

    professional resumeBut if one were to ask me which was my preference, I would have to say that I am a firm believer in using a well conceived interview form to capture the information. The biggest issue that I find with the interview as an exclusive information gathering tool is that clients have recall issues due to the general distractions of the day. Writer conducted phone interviews are primarily scheduled during business hours and the client is usually trying to fit it in during the daily grind. When trying to capture and communicate 10+ years of achievements, job duties, training, and associated dates to a resume writer, this can be very distracting and vital details can be missed. I find that when a client takes the form for a couple of days, they can complete it at a time when the daily grind has come to a halt. This allows more uninterrupted and non-distracted thought, resulting in a more thorough recording of information.

    For those with more complicated backgrounds, the form can be followed up with an interview session to clarify those gray areas for your resume writer.

    William Mitchell
    Certified Professional Resume Writer

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  • resume writerThere are some areas in life where you just can’t afford to go “bargain basement”. You shouldn’t settle for fly-by-night health care, home foundation work, and resume writing. What do all these things have in common? A bad job in the beginning can cause damage later that will cost you exponentially in the future.

    I often field calls from potential clients wondering if they should save a few bucks by going with an uncertified resume writer. Well, I attempt to paint a picture of a sub-par resume trying to compete against a focused resume designed by a professional to appeal to already-bored readers with tired and blood-shot eyes. I also communicate the additional cost of extending your unemployment/under-employment when the poorly written product can’t beat out the better resumes prepared by a certified resume writer.

    For instance, a job seeker who expects to make $50,000 per year loses $961 every week they remain on the market. Additionally, since any one applicant is usually facing dozens (or even hundreds) of competitors, how likely is it that a pedestrian resume is going to make it past the first round of reviews when the serious competitors put a professional to work for them? Of course, there is more to getting hired than getting a great resume, but the resume is “step 1” and if it isn’t working, you have no chance to even put any other strategies into play.

    No one calls to tell you you didn’t get an interview because of a poor resume. You simply never know. Meanwhile, the bills are piling up and the savings is shrinking. Do you want to leave it to chance?

    William Mitchell
    Certified Professional Resume Writer
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  • Resume clinic logoHello all. My name is William Mitchell, a Certified Professional Resume Writer and owner of The Resume Clinic. I wanted to take some time to say hello to everyone and get things started. While I have some experience in rookie web design, blogging itself is rather new to me so I’m just feeling my way around here. Blogging is supposed to be a good way to increase your web site’s ranking so of course I had to get in on it! But it can also be a good way to pass on interesting material to you guys on various subject matter. I haven’t decided just yet on this blog’s main purpose or structure … or even if I am going to have any. But as a responsible resume writing professional, you can imagine that resume and career content is sure to be there.

    Yes … I’m sure that most of you will not be reading this stuff as there are more interesting ways to spend your web time. That’s cool. But the info will be here if you need it.

    I’m going to “start this thing off right” with some resume generalities. Now, of course I would like the entire world to come to the Resume Clinic homepage, order a resume package, and then refer everyone that they know. But no matter how many stars I wish upon, it’s not likely to happen that way. So why not pass along a little knowledge to those who I would have never gotten a sale from anyway? The goodwill has to pass for something, right? What goes around, comes around, etc., etc., etc.?

    The one resume writing rule I am going to address today is that THERE ARE NO HARD-FAST RULES! While there are guidelines that a resume writer follows, the goal is the same … “WOW” the reader and impress upon them your ability to excel in the available position … all within 15 seconds. That’s right, all of the information gathering, interviewing, document digging, draft producing, tweaking, editing, and primping is for someone to simply skim your resume for a few seconds and make a decision that can cost you $1,500 or so in lost income because you’re going to be unemployed for another week. As a resume writer, our primary job is to make it easy on tired, bored, disgusted eyes to easily pick up on the qualifications that are most important in performing well in the available position. As a CPRW, we are trained to paint your experiences and education in the best possible light to using a variety of techniques and strategies to maximize this effect. It’s not rocket science … in fact , it is an art form (at least when done right). Every person’s situation is different so every resume should be different.

    Enough for an introductory post. It’s a beautiful day here in Nashville and I plan to get out in it. I might test my “blogability” (patent pending on the phrase!) on my PDA later. Signing off!

    William Mitchell
    Certified Professional Resume Writer

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